Penguins, to forestall lectures!

I give up. I've been lectured one too many times. While I don't do many gift exchanges with friends at Christmastime, there are a few friends with whom gifting does occur, and I keep hearing through the grapevine that I am The Impossible Friend to buy for. I would like to hereby apologize; I had no idea that I was difficult (in THIS arena).Forgive my crassness for posting this publicly, but hopefully these links will answer the unspoken question: Title Nine Sports, Yarn Expressions, Teavana, Sock Dreams, and Dick's Sporting Goods.

I have two known and easily exploitable weaknesses: my love for black cats (since they were the only color cats I had for most of my childhood) and my utterly inexplicable (and reliable) amusement at anything relating to penguins.

Does that help? Hopefully.

I shall now resume knitting. That is all.