fever dreams, part 3

Days of elevated temperature: ten. Though, it should be noted, today was the first day my temperature never hit 100°F. Progress!I have seen the inside of my lungs, and they are bright yellow. We'll just leave it at that. No part of my body should be bright neon yellow. Yuck.

Phone calls are still rare beasties indeed, what with my so-called energy levels looking more like a college student's overdrawn checking account than anything of actual use. Short breaths are better. Deep breaths provoke coughing, which has provoked threats of legal action from my diaphragm, which is tired and wants to rest a while.

Nevertheless, worth passing on:

Matthew: "So, basically, you've been a giant feverish heating pad for your cats."
me: "Oh, yes. [hack hack wheeze] They think it's the best thing ever. I'm extremely warm, covered in blankets, and I don't move much."
Matthew: "But what about the coughing?"
me: "They've learned to surf."

I might add, with baleful looks, put-upon kitty sighs, and much twitching of whiskers. One doesn't have to be well-versed in Feline to translate: "Would you STOP, already? You're ruining our nap."


Thank you, you just gave me the opportunity to make Karl laugh REALLY hard. I do so enjoy that. Hope you feel better soon.

Progress is good. Now you just need to break the fever. Get better soon!