Taking a break from my unofficial hiatus due to code work…

Courtesy of Chris Petrilli, I present to you Ministry Script.

'Alejandro Paul designed Ministry Script to be "A time capsule that marks both the American ad art of the 1920s, and the current new-millennium acrobatics of digital type." The idea was to make as many possible variants of each letter as he could possibly handle.'

'Ministry Script goes overboard with ligatures, which involve standard, discretionary, contextual, and even swash features of the font. Says Paul, "At one point during the long, long testing phase, I found myself looking at twelve noticeably different visual instances of the same word, all set with this same font. I believe this sort of flexibility is not currently offered in any single script font on the market today."

Ministry Script contains 99,814 kerning pairs.'

I wonder if it cuddles, but I'm not sure if I care.

It's $99. I think I should find a couple of graphic-designer-geek friends to go in on this purchase with me.

Either that or … uh … Jeff? I know what I want for my birthday. :D



That font is just downright sexy.

Oh my. I thought I was the only one who found fonts positively orgasmic. I've had so many affairs... Brush Script (God help me, I was young and foolish); Copperplate, with his serious face and body made for a tux; Gill Sans (thanks for introducing us, Scott Kelby); Optima, with his clean-shaven charm; Scriptina, with his absolute over-the-top-can't-take you-anywhere-but you-look-so-g*ddamned-hot-let's-just-sit-in-the-closet-and-pant good looks; and of course, dear Zapfino before he started sleeping with everyone in town. Right now, I'm digging the bad boys. Grunge, distressed, urban, whatever you want to call them, I like 'em. The rougher they look, the harder I fall. If I don't stop prowling the alleys of, I know I'm going to end up corrupted, but -- I just can't stop. It's an addiction. So, um, can I, you know... um... I've got $20 of cold hard cash. Ahem.