Queen of the Armchairs

Things like this are what happens when I'm off from work on a sick day, sitting on the couch with the following things:

  • laptop
  • cat(s)
  • tea
  • blanket
  • chocolate

I generally don't do memes, because most of them, frankly, stink—they're clearly the twenty-minute creations of some teenage kid who drew up the 'What Is Yuor Luv Style LOL LOL' quiz during study hall. This, however, has funnier questions than most, and the results just cracked me up.

However, this may have more to do with the fact that I am bored, restless, and feverish than with any inherent quality in the quiz.

So you think you know more than everyone else, and maybe you do. But, then again, maybe you don't. We're scared that you're just sitting back and judging, without throwing your hat in the ring. (Because love is like boxing? Just go with us here…) All we're saying is that you need to let a few people into your life, just to round things out.

You also might want to stop being so evil. Your seduction style is a little too dark for us to feel good about. One might say that you're a black hole of scary disillusion and Satanism. One might also suggest getting a puppy.

Or, the photo version:

Edmund might have something to say about that puppy, though.


I'm The Bubble. Adorable and innocent. I "deserve a rainbow, and a unicorn." ^_^ That was a fun quiz.