pack and panic

We are going to New York.

Jeff and I don't 'vacation' together often. He has the same love for quiet days at home that I do of plopping myself in a new city and learning it by wearing out the soles of my feet. The typical end result (which you will see in December) is of me packing a small bag and Jeff dropping me off to catch a plane heading off to parts unknown.

(...and I don't even like to fly!)

While planning has progressed, slowly but steadily, I realized last night I have been making those plans with the dazed unreality of someone who hasn't quite comprehended that she's really going. It's Sunday morning as I sit here typing, and part of my brain thinks I'm going to work all week, when in fact my itinerary insists otherwise:

fly Nashville -> Newark
check into hotel
pick up PATH train passes and 7-day Metrocards
take Jeff by Times Square
snag some food and then see Phantom of the Opera (Jeff's birthday present)
potential lunch with one of Jeff's contra dance contacts
shabu-shabu dinner with John and Fahmi, friends of Stephen and Misty's
tickets to see Avenue Q (my birthday present)
late dinner reservations at Veritas
Jeff goes contra dancing, while I have a bit of a dilemma (see the poll)
fly home.

Many of our Fuzzy Itinerary items require the cooperation of the weather, and NYC is scheduled to get sporadic thunderstorms for most of our visit, so we'll choose our activities based on the weather:

  • The Brooklyn Trip - go for pizza, take the subway back to the base of the Brooklyn side of the bridge, get ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and eat it as we walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan
  • American Museum of Natural History - one of Jeff's contra dance contacts, who volunteers at the AMNH, very kindly offered us two vouchers to get into the museum for free. They have a T-Rex skeleton on display. Yes, please.
  • Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art - if we only have time for one, however do I choose? Rembrandt or Van Gogh? Given that a major gallery in the Met is closed for renovation, if we only have time for one museum, I'm betting we pick MoMA.
  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  • St. John's Cathedral - why yes, I do want to bring my camera to the world's largest Gothic cathedral and take pictures.
  • Jazz clubs!

I, uh, need to go pack and panic now. :)

Take a look at the poll and let me know what you'd do in my place, given the choice.