Twitterlog for October 21, 2007

Since I seem to have activated my away-from-home batsignal, here are the SMS messages I've sent to Twitter in the past 24 hours. My tweets are normally friends-only, but when I'm away from home they're usually more interesting than the usual 'OMG where's my tea?' claptrap, so I've written a script to post them publicly in batches once daily while I'm gone.

  • 11:45 PM CDT: [] Twitterlog for October 20, 2007 -
  • 12:18 AM CDT: New Jersey, where short honks say "I love you" and 5-minute ones mean "fuck off and die"
  • 12:45 AM CDT: At hotel for last time. Contemplating how much that wakeup call is gonna suuuuuck.
  • 4:27 AM CDT: Packed. Time to check out.
  • 5:34 AM CDT: Through securitat sans patdown.
  • 5:48 AM CDT: At gate in Newark, watching the sun rise over the hellmouth. Rather pretty, as hellmouths go.
  • 5:50 AM CDT: @crazybutable College is over! Nights are for sleeping!
  • 8:35 AM CDT: Mmm, snoozed my way to Charlotte.
  • 9:05 AM CDT: "Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express"? Corporate whore, much? (We're bored in terminal E)
  • 10:22 AM CDT: On plane in Charlotte. Ready to blow this timezone and scritch a catbeast or two.
  • 12:13 PM CDT: Woo! Paws on the ground!
  • 12:16 PM CDT: @whatthecast Remember to bend over and smile when the TSA 'asks'!
  • 2:40 PM CDT: We are home. The Meow Chorus begins, starting with the Purring Overture.