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Two links, partly because they both interest me and partly because I need to test whether or not my changes have fixed the permissions problems I was seeing yesterday (HT to Geof for tipping me off) –

Sun acquires mySQL - cue standard O NOES from all involved geeks until we have some idea how this will actually shake out. I won’t bother to pretend I know, but I’ll be watching with avid interest …


…an excerpt of Iain Banks’ new novel is available on Orbit books – and yes, it is a Culture novel. I’ve heard references that indicate his Culture novels are each intended to serve as a different perspective on the same civilization (from inside, from those they conquer, from those who run it, etc.). (Thanks, Patrick)

I’m curious to see what what point of view Matter uses.


Sun acquires mySQL - cue standard O NOES from all involved geeks

Yeah. Remind me not to visit Slashdot for about a week.

With respect to the “openness” of MySQL, I really think this is going to be a non-event. I don’t see how Sun has much of a motive to mess with MySQL very much from a licensing or development standpoint.

I can only hope so…

O NOES!11!!!1 Srsly.

January 16, 2008