Friday Morning Useless Meme

The Rules:

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  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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This is all Geof Morris' fault.

Six Non-important/habits/quirks about me:

  1. Chewing in general squicks me mightily. The sound or sight of food being chewed (especially with mouth open) makes me shudder. I have to avert my eyes, but I haven't figured out how to avert my ears.
  2. I cough or make a noise before I enter a room that I know contains a person who might not otherwise see or hear me coming. I dislike being startled from behind and I assume that others do too.
  3. I am uncomfortable singing in the presence of others.
  4. I see words spelled out in meaningless, random images. For example, if I look at a towel and let my mind wander, I'll see random words spelled out in the lumps and bumps of the towel's loops. For a long time I thought it was Freudian, but eventually I realized that cigars were sometimes just cigars.
  5. I find purple cabbage inherently disturbing, even though I know it tastes no different from regular cabbage.
  6. Since my second toe overlaps my third one on my left foot, I leave a four-toed left footprint. My second toe's print just barely appears on the footprints taken of me just after I was born. As a result, my left foot is slimmer than my right, and my feet have different sizes. My left foot is a C width and just barely a size 6; my right foot is a 5.5 wide.

I nominate...

  1. Brad
  2. Jeff
  3. jowilson
  4. Adam
  5. John Brewer
  6. joshjanus

I'm taking a half-day off today. Can I claim to be taking a mental health day when it is demonstrably clear to everyone involved that I lost my mind years ago? Cross your fingers and hope for good photos, as I may have a very interesting subject today.

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