Girl Talk is eating my brain

This album is madness and I feel like inflicting it on as many people as possible.

New album: Girl Talk's "Feed the Animals." Adam described it as what happens when all of the music you've liked in the past 30 years gets in a room and has a giant mashup orgy. It's an accurate description.

You can get it online at illegal-art, his label. $5 for all the mp3s in the album, $10 for flac, another $3 for having a physical CD shipped to you when they're pressed. Or go listen to it on myspace. Whichever.

The wikipedia entry for the album is seeing constant updates as people figure out what samples were used to build the album.

NOT worksafe. NOT kidsafe. NOT safe if you want to preserve your memories of music from your childhood or teenage years in amber. NOT safe for you if don't want to spend an hour yelling "YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT" to your headphones or speakers.

(I write this as Salt-n-Pepa gets overlaid over Metallica. Oh yes.)


Amy can testify I spent most of this album yelling obscenities into the air because I couldn't pull artist names and titles out of my head.

It's also been fun figuring out some of the ones I got wrong but for interesting reasons.

As I heard the samples from "Criminal Minded" by Boogie Down Productions (featuring KRS-One), my brain kept screaming "DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince!". The similarities come from their accents and the way they stress syllables.

On another one I got the right song but the wrong artist. One of the tunes immediately yelled "PCU!" in my head, because I'd heard it there. So, I looked up the PCU soundtrack and identified the song as "Pump It Up" by Mudhoney. Turns out I was off by about a decade and a half. The version sampled on Feed the Animals is the original by Elvis Costello.

Of course, then there are the ones that I would have been truly shamed had I missed. Let's just say that in the "finale" track, I caught the song in about 5 notes and started imagining thousands of lighters held in the air. :)

Have I mentioned that I still curse you and your ancestors for a million years as a result of this. My mind *STILL* hurts from tracking the samples.