Muxtape and photos for July 2008

I've updated my muxtape with some songs that have been stuck in my head over the past month or so.

What? That's not enough for an update for you people? Hmph. Okay then. Then how about photos from the Bleu, Sandra McCracken, and Derek Webb show I attended with Geof:

Geof, waiting for the showGeof, waiting for the show

['Geof outside 12th and Porter']

Or the photos from the Obama rally I attended:

A closeup of the bumper stickers made by one of the attendees at the Obama rally in Huntsville, Alabama. A photo of this sticker being held by the girl who created it is also available.Closeup: Peace, Love, Obama

['Peace, Love, Obama']

Or the voluminous cute which is this photo of Stephen and Liza on July 4th:

Stephen stuck his tongue out.  Liza did the same, and decided to verify his was really like hers.Mimicry