molasses promise

I am loving HBO's show Trueblood if for no other reason than the music. Jeff and I have been having fun with the opening and closing music for each episode. Somewhere around the chorus, the closing song for this week's episode made me turn to Jeff and say, "It sounds like Fleetwood Mac meets dirty south."

This week's closing song, for the curious, is Rusty Truck's "Cold Ground." [buy it here on amazon] The chorus is certainly trying to channel Buckingham/Nicks with a nice sloppy side of slide guitar. (I have it on REALLY loud right now to cover a malfunctioning fan in our office.)

I listen to a lot of things these days, but the bluenewcountrygrass sound, that indefinable sound that, when juiced with electricity and smudged with dirt becomes alt-country, sounds like home. Bluegrass done right makes me homesick; this music has everything but the family secrets and the fireflies.

I think I could go on a dirty-south kick in the last couple of days before we fly; it suits the cowboy mentality of smacking down to-do lists before traveling. Drive-By Truckers is all but required. Got any other recommendations? (Geof is going to pipe up, "WILCO!" I just know it. C'mon, Geof, get it over with in the comments already.)

Now to listen to the rest of the Rusty Truck album to see if it lives up to the molasses promise.

(For extra credit, here's the theme song for Trueblood, Jace Everett's "Bad Things.")