Red shift

I can tell you what I'm working on.  Sort of.

Anyone who has called the house in the past week -- and for those of you who have called in the evenings this past week to keep me company while Jeff's working insane-o hours, I thank you dearly -- knows that I've been hard at work on a quilt.

Here's the problem:  technically, I shouldn't post pictures.  Why?  It's intended for someone whom I know reads this site. 

Here's the solution: the photos are friends-locked on flickr.  It means the photos won't syndicate on, and I can control who sees them on flickr.  Problem solved.

If you're curious to see the quilt that named itself "red shift," pop over to this set on flickr. Users on my friends list will see multiple photos; those not logged in or on my friends list will only see the shot of The Unhired Help:

Cats with white bellies can sense black fabric. Thus why there is a sheet of paper covering this stack of freshly cut quilt fabric. Preparedness is a good thing.Thanks for the help, sweetie

[Original:  'Thanks for the help, sweetie' on flickr]

I'm hoping to make significant progress this weekend.  I'm guessing Jeff will be unavoidably detained at work, which leaves me free to lose myself in starch, sewing, and general assembly.  Translation: more [locked, alas] photos soon.

Take me to the set!


[...] of you will remember back in November when I mentioned I was working on a quilt I called 'red [...]