If programming languages were religions

This morning's topic of discussion in the sysadmin chatroom led me to If programming languages were religions

C would be Judaism - it's old and restrictive, but most of the world is familiar with its laws and respects them. The catch is, you can't convert into it - you're either into it from the start, or you will think that it's insanity. Also, when things go wrong, many people are willing to blame the problems of the world on it.

...and it builds from there.  Normally I'd dish linkfood like this up at solecist.net, but y'know, sometimes I just like to keep you guys guessing.


I liked this one as well, though I thought the "programing languages as cars" was histerical. Particularly, lisp "it doesn't look much like a car, but after a while you realize that it gets you where you're going, and then with a little more work you realize that it wouldn't be *that* hard to turn it into a submarine... or a tank."