Why I love my siteadmins

An exchange of three emails this morning between me and one of our network admins:

To: Jay and Rich
Subject: Passing on a sitebanned IP (low-priority)

I don't know if [the network admin group for Alabama libraries] contacts ISPs when they see users nosing around for files they shouldn't, but if you do, I've got one for you. Check logs for the past six days for [redacted]

I'm seeing some nosing around for obvious cgi-bin / htaccess holes as well as an attempt to use a known pixelpost exploit on 24 December [exploit text redacted]

I've done the obvious .htaccess IP ban but thought I'd mention it to you guys.

Reply a few hours later:

To: Amy
Subject: Re: Passing on a sitebanned IP (low-priority)

Yes, this is fine. We are performing a site-wide Audit Scan and this is just part of the auditing process. Let us know if it has any adverse effects but it should not.

Thanks for the heads up though. Glad to see you keeping an eye out for us ;-)

My reply:

To: Jay and Rich
Subject: Re: Passing on a sitebanned IP (low-priority)

*heh* I mean, I know you love us, but you certainly have a funny way of showing it.