Atlanta, GA twitterlog for Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm in Atlanta, recovering from helping coordinate Jim and Tracey's (AKA 4x4 and
Spitty's) wedding. Then a flight to Detroit for the Super Secret Mission. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 10:38 PM ET: Exhausted, fed, cared for, content. Thank you @itarille and @whatthecast.
  • 7:00 AM ET: @Finding_Quality Damn straight we're having a Dim Sum Adventure today. As soon as I find my pants.
  • 7:03 AM ET: Day #3 of waking up in a new place every day. First thought of each day: "Where am I NOW?"
  • 9:02 AM ET: Leaving Brian and Suzan's. Now to eat dim sum with @itarille and @finding_quality.
  • 10:39 AM ET: Lunch discussion: is there an equivalent of 'jungle fever' or 'yellow fever' for people who are hot for Caucasians?
  • 11:36 AM ET: For anyone I didn't offend with my last tweet, I'll now go be Token White Friend for bubble tea! Airport #1 soon. Sigh.
  • 2:29 PM ET: Remember I said I would panic at some point? That's now. How the hell am I qualified to teach a two-day Drupal class? What was I thinking?
  • 2:29 PM ET: P.S. I am at the Atlanta airport. This is a crappy place to be panicking.
  • 4:11 PM ET: In-flight wi-fi. The air over West Virginia is very choppy. Uploading wedding photos to flickr while being tossed around a bit.
  • 4:51 PM ET: For moments like these:
  • 5:14 PM ET: Hello, Detroit. Um. Are your librarians carnivorous? I am concerned.
  • 11:21 PM ET: It's kinda lonely around here without @jmcclure. Big casino hotel. Big bed. Very small me.