Tales from the Furlough #1: crashy

Today's been a dramatic day. Wedding things are happening, and I did not participate as much as I would have liked thanks to an icky blood-sugar crash that knocked me out of commission for a while. I don't know why, but even after things level out, I'm always incredibly tired. I just didn't bounce back afterwards. Lots of sleep tonight for me; there are dragons to slay tomorrow.

Other things happened today. There were problems. At this time I'm waiting to hear everybody's sides of the story before making up my mind. It is not a subject I should be explicit about today. It should wait. Tomorrow is another day, and all problems will be answered in the order they were received.

Mark my words, though. Maddog, Banana, and your local domesticat all say there shall be a wedding, and you'd be dumb to bet against the three of us. Me normally, I'm stubborn enough. Me with lipstick and the red Stuart Weitzmans? Brace yourself, Bridget.