Princesses and women

I think my frustration with the modern-day obsession with princesses has been noted, right? I fluff my feathers and squawk a bit every time I see grown women sporting clothing that proclaims them worthy not by dint of action or personality, but just by the sheer fact that some bint with a title chose to spawn, and they are the undeservingly-privileged results.

I can understand it in children -- fairy tales are fun when we're kids -- but entitlement stops being cute around age ten.  In adults, though?  Come on.  Princesses are born; women are made -- made through the kind of boring and dreadful Growth Experiences our shrinks keep encouraging us to have.

Thus this article on CNN ("Enough with the princess nonsense!") made me laugh.  A quote:

Love is an opportunity, not a prize. It should be pursued greedily, recklessly, with an adamant heart. Kiss men, and move on. Maybe one day you'll kiss a guy and he'll turn into a guy who'll march through tornadoes to get you tampons, admit when he's wrong, and eat ice cream naked in bed with you.

The point is: give the regular people you date the chance to be extraordinary without the maudlin fairy tale expectation. The favor will be returned.

Lastly, ladies: if you're heartbroken, buck up, listen to some Patsy Cline, and toss back nice stiff shot of bourbon. Then try out this Snapple cap bon mot: "Men. Can't live with 'em, good thing they'll keep making more."

No closing argument.  Just amusement.


Well done. You used "dint" and "bint" in the same sentence. We are impressed. [strokes imaginary cat in lap]