San Francisco, CA twitterlog for Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm in California with friends, vacationing for a week. Here's what I've been up to:

  • 11:23 PM PT: Openers at Ruby Skye are throwing down. Saving energy for main act. 30 minutes to go.
  • 12:42 AM PT: Yes, that was me up front. Worth those five decibels of hearing I just lost, too.
  • 1:33 AM PT: Me: "You don't want to take the drunk Australian home?" @whatthecast: "No, I don't go down under on the first date."
  • 10:51 AM PT: After getting snuggled, it is time to get moving and maybe get some lunch. My feet are tired. How'd that happen?
  • 11:32 AM PT: At Fishermans Wharf with @jmcclure awaiting a tardy @adamrg for lunch. Going to miss this ocean breeze.
  • 12:14 PM PT: Lazy sourdough lunch with Adam, Asai, and Jeff at Boudin. Good sunlight and happy friends.
  • 12:56 PM PT: - A small, perfect lunch of heirloom tomatoes. Next, taking my friends for perfect little cupcakes.
  • 5:17 PM PT: Reading in my bedroom, windows open to the sea breeze, but grateful for my sweater. The wind grows chill after sunset.
  • 6:43 PM PT: Downtown, post-nap. Bring me beer and pub food!
  • 8:06 PM PT: We are now discussing extra virgin robot oil. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ALCOHOL.
  • 9:21 PM PT: - In piano bar. Have drink. Need piano players. Hoping this doesn't turn into Fabulous Baker Boys...
  • 9:52 PM PT: I am shamefully sober in a bar full of drunken people who have all lost their minds.