Discothèque: the plan becomes clear

I'm far enough along on Discothèque that two photos placed side-by-side give you an idea of what I'm attempting to do. The plan is to have six columns of color, with each column fading from

On the other side of the quilt, the squares from the darkest row.  Missing are the red-orange entrant and the black-and-white entrant.The far side: light interior, dark exterior


Four of the six squares from the lightest row:  dark centers, light exteriors.  Missing are the red-orange entrant and the black-and-white entrant.One edge: dark interior, light exterior

Missing: the red-orange column and the black-and-white column. The bonus? Cutting out the background pieces for a Drunkard's Path pattern means you end up with smaller pie-shaped pieces that can be used for another quilt.  I'm thinking that one will look very different: brightly colored circles floating on a neutral (white?) background.

Discothèque doesn't know it yet, but she's going to have a baby sister. No idea what to name it, though. Ideas, anyone?



Dance Floor?






I'm half-tempted to call it "Waffle House" -- for where you go after a night of dancing.