The things we carry

He made me promise.
"One for you."
"Yes. I promise."

I bought the pattern - 'Bricks and Stones' in her parlance, 'the white librarian' in mine, and after resizing and redrafting, I knew it was time to do something unusual.

I really liked this design that redpepperquilts had for sale on etsy. ('Bricks and Stones' quilt pattern) I bought a copy, even though I knew it was for a lap-sized quilt, and I'd need to adapt it to get the bed-sized quilt I wanted. It's a really fun idea, though.

Some quick drafting in Illustrator later and I've got the general plan; I chose a 72' square quilt because 72 is a multiple of 4, 6, and 8.

Haven't started it yet; it's in the queue, though.The 'White Librarian' -- plans

['The "White Librarian" -- plans']

For the most part, I've been a responsible purchaser of fabric. I buy what I need, I use it for its intended purpose, and anything left gets Available For Scrap Quilt Goodness status. Notice I said "for the most part." There have been exceptions, though. Some fabrics were repeatedly considered for quilts, but every time, I shook my head and put them aside. Some had prints that were too large, but some were so special  that I just couldn't bear to cut into them.

"Next time," I'd say. There would be a mythical Perfect Quilt, I told myself, and when I had it, I'd know it was time to cut into some of those fabrics I kept setting aside.

There is no Perfect Quilt, though, and I know it. When I drafted the pattern, I looked at the huge blocks of color on the outside of the pattern and I knew 'White Librarian' was time to spend what I'd been saving. My first step was to pull out fabrics that came from one of two categories:

- fabric given to me as gifts
- fabric I couldn't bear to cut into

The first culling of the stash: 

1) fabric given to me as gifts
2) fabric I was saddened at the thought of giving away every scrap of without keeping some for myself

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['The things we carry tell much about us']

In quilting, you don't often get to cut 8.5" squares of single fabrics. You can feature bits and snippets, flashes of color and shape, but rarely do you get to showcase large-scale prints. In this quilt, I'm going to use them all.

What remained after cutting carefully to get one gorgeous, on-center medallion.

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['The things we leave behind']

That's my promise to myself for this quilt: if I pull out a fabric and it gives me a pang at the thought of it being gone forever from my stash, I will cut from it, and cut generously. I am more likely to put beautiful fabrics in my gift quilts if I get to keep a small amount for myself.

I started by going through the stash and asking myself, 'What fabric have I refused to cut because it was too beautiful, too large of a print, or just something I couldn't bear to give up just yet?'

Those were the fabrics I cut first.

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['Take what is precious and leave the rest']