Lunchtime music: The Avett Brothers

It's Monday. You need a little lunchtime music love. You know you do. The Avett Brothers are just fun, fun, fun. (If you're unfamiliar with the Avett Brothers, picture a trio-sometimes-quartet of punkers playing bluegrass-influenced rock.)

These aren't the most slickly produced videos on YouTube, but they're a pretty good idea of what the live show must be like.

The sound quality of the second video isn't that great (lots of noise) but catch it about three minutes in to see Joe Kwon shred his cello bow over the course of a single song. The third video is the same song with better audio quality, but it's not quite the all-out stompfest of the version in the second video clip.


I've seen them live three times (twice in Northampton, MA, once in NYC). They're a lot of fun. Hat tip to JoshK for introducing me to them originally.