Quickie quilt survey

Enough silliness. I make quilts. Some of my friends want them. Many of those friends are too nice to speak up, because there's a weird stigma in telling a hobbyist "I'd love one of these, in this color, and this size!" when, in fact, the hobbyist in question would love some feedback. So I'm giving you the opportunity to speak up semi-anonymously. Your answers stay private between you and me.

I don't promise that filling out this form means you're magically gonna get something. It does mean that I'll know you're interested, and have some idea of what you'd enjoy having. A few designs I have in my head don't have recipients attached to them yet, and baldly asking what my friends are interested in would help me pair ideas with recipients. I'll never have enough time to make all the quilts in my head, so I want the ones I do make to go to homes where they'll be used and loved.

You have my blessing and encouragement to speak up. Some of you are local friends. Some of you are co-workers. Some of you are faraway friends. Some of you are fellow dragon*con, techops, or drupal community members.

"Do I know you well enough?" (Otherwise known as the Amanda Clause)

Have we talked? Have we emailed back and forth? Do we pester each other on twitter / facebook / some other social media site? Are we in the same social circle? Were you part of Jeff's social group back in college? Do we hug, eat lunch together, or wave hello at drupalcon or dragoncon? Then you should speak up. You're someone I want to hear from. I won't think you forward and I won't think you grabby.

Control-click to choose all sizes you'd find useful.
Control-click to choose all the options that work for you. Be honest -- it helps!
Control-click to choose all the options that appeal to you.
Optional: tell me your name. It's ok if you don't - but I won't know these are your answers, otherwise!
Optional. Won't be reused in any nefarious way, but might help if, oh, I dunno, I want to talk with you about your answers!


I think a space invaders quilt/wall hanging needs to happen for someone, just for the sheer awesomeness :-P

I've been drooling over your quilts ever since you started posting them, but I'm one of those that's too polite to mention it. Especially since surely everyone else you know wants one, too!