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I've realized in the past week or so that it is becoming increasingly necessary to develop some sort of signaling system for my friends while Jeff is hospitalized. In the past, my movements were communicated to Jeff, and vice versa, and we frequently checked on each other. We'd ping, verify, and move on, contented that all was well.

Right now, though, and for the foreseeable future, that safety net is lost. It's up to me to build another in its place that allows my friends and loved ones to have an idea of where I am, but allowing me a modicum of privacy. It's an odd blend: I want, and need, my friends to check on me, but I also have the strong introvert's need for alone time and privacy.

I've set up a foursquare account. It's not going to broadcast my location to the world-at-large, but it will make it available to my friends. Since I have to carry my phone 24-7 now, in case I need to authorize additional emergency surgeries for Jeff, doing foursquare checkins will let the people I care about have a breadcrumb trail of my location while allowing me some autonomy.

It's a fine and frustrating line to walk, balancing the concern of loved ones with my own need for privacy. I'll answer every call from the hospital, regardless of hour of day, (ugh they always seem to call around 4am) but I'd like to be able to choose not to take a non-emergency call if I'm eating dinner with a friend, showering, cleaning the litterbox, grocery shopping, etc.

My foursquare account:

I hope this helps.