Restarting sewing?

I've been thinking about 2011. It's not going to be the year I had planned. I've been watching a lot of my well-set plans evaporating away -- DrupalCon Chicago might happen if Jeff is stable, but London's probably off the table -- and thinking that I need new plans.

I'm probably about to resume sewing; I think I'm ready. Initial targets are Eat this Quilt and Linus.

Progress! This will be a king-sized quilt when it's completed. It's right at the halfway point now, and my source fabrics are holding up. As long as I cut carefully, I should have enough to finish the quilt without buying more.

For details on who this quilt is for, and why the quilt is named 'Eat This Quilt,' see

Current size: 25 squares by 14 squares, or 87.5' x 49'. Intended finished size: 100' square.After a weekend's work, progress!

['After a weekend's work, progress!' -- on ETQ]

After helping me photograph the big quilts, Misty and Kat decided it would take both of them to hold up the smallest fabric piece.Wait ... we need two people to hold this square!

[Initial square for Linus]

I'd like to get ETQ to a stopping point, though I don't know if I will try to finish it just yet; it's king-sized and requires laying out a lot of pieces correctly before I can sew it. It's somewhat complex, mentally. Linus is only intended to be a twin-sized quilt, and I've already got a few of the 15" blocks done; it's potentially a quilt that I could bang out quickly for a rush of accomplishment.

I think I could use that feeling right about now.

So ... I'm thinking about goals for this unexpected 2011. I've started knitting again, too, but I should probably consider coming up with a few goals, and maybe some that don't involve sewing or knitting. Not sure yet, but I know I need to do something, and I lean toward something autodidactic.

Got ideas? Toss them in the comments.


Are you still swimming?  You could do more of that (I could do more of that too; I've said I want to work up to swimming a mile, and I'd still like to do it).  I'm also planning to read more, including the new translation of Madame Bovary  because I hear it's so good.