Horseshoes and hand grenades


We'll call this the 'after' photo, even though in truth there's one hole left to fix at this point. Overall I'm extremely pleased with the repair. It was absolutely worth doing, and I'm glad I took the longer route and did it right.

If you are new to this project, this is a salvaged/rescued quilt top, circa 1880s-1890s, that needed significant repair work when I bought it.  The main post about it is at but there are updates during the repair process at and

It will be finished with materials appropriate to the period: cotton batting, and a double-pink 1800s reproduction fabric for the backing. Its final destination is a friend in Oregon, who plans to love it and use it, not store it away.Snow days make work of a different kind

['Snow days make work of a different kind']

The repair work is [almost] done on Oregon Trail. Technically I have one piece left to sew in, but it's finally photographable. I have a late start at work today, thanks to all the ice on the roads, and I made good use of the time.