I know it's a losing battle, but...

Quoting from 'Alabama storytelling legend Kathryn Tucker Windham dies at 93'

"She was an absolute legend," Wayne Flynt, an Alabama historian and professor emeritus at Auburn University, said today. "She was certainly the premiere storyteller in Alabama, and maybe one of the premiere storytellers in the South ... And, of course, she was a bang-up good journalist."

One would hope that KTW would have replied to this article with the definitions of 'premier' and 'premiere.'

  • "premiere" -- noun or verb, referring to a first performance.
  • "premier" -- adjective. First in status. Or, in some countries, a prime minister.

(article, Grammarist)

I still bomb 'that' vs 'which', so nobody's perfect here, but the juxtaposition here was a smidge grating.