By her maps you shall know her

Right, so, I'm an overplanner -- and yet it's satisfying! I've been doing my usual intense research, identifying the kinds of things I'd want to do and see while I'm away. It makes for a pretty hefty map.

So many ideas. So. Many.London's filling up

I found a lovely set of free icons at that suited me nicely, so I plopped them into my Dropbox folder and have been using them to build my maps. What's more amusing is what the icons say about my traveling style, and what I'm interested in:


snooze Where I'm sleeping.
airport Airports. I'm collecting 8 unique ones on this trip.
train Trains. I'm taking one from Germany to France. First class, woooo!
restaurant Food. Everything from beer gardens to curry shops -- I've got a little bit of everything under this marker.
fish and chips Fish and chips. Sadly I have not used this one yet... but I WILL.
cheese Cheese. Must I even explain?
tea Tea. Did you REALLY think this addicted tea drinker would go to London without having tea at least twice? 
cross Religious sites. Time to feed my penchant for cathedral photography.
ferris wheel Ferris Wheel. If you said, "Single usage for London Eye," you'd be correct!
fireworks Fireworks. There's a fireworks show taking place on the Thames while I'm there, so I've got my place-to-stand marked. I've never done fireworks photography before. Time to learn!
museum Art museum. Let's just say this one shows up a lot.
palace Palaces. This lifelong non-monarchist will get her fill of palaces on this trip! (Yes, I'm packing my polarizer for good outdoor shots.)
postal Postal services! I've got letter boxes and post offices marked with these.
theater Theatre! Globe for one, West End for more...
tower Towers! Did you have "one-time use for Big Ben" as your guess? If you did, give yourself a cookie...

So let's see.

I like sleep, and tea, and cheese.

I plan to buy fabric.

I tend to do photography at religious and historical sites.

I dig art museums.

I love live theatre.

Yep, looks right.

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One more for the map, this is some of the best Indian food I have ever had in my life.

that is SO on my map now. there WILL be curry. Oh yes.

The London Science Museum has a pretty hot set of geometric models.