What you photograph, what you see

I've been trying to answer the tough question of "what do you do when you're on vacation?" given that I'm starting to think about an upcoming trip, and giving my hosts ideas of what I'd want to see. It occurred to me that what I find interesting might overlap with what I tend to photograph while traveling, so I made a list of things that seem representative.

Roof, Lyon-Saint Exupéry AirportRoof, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport

Roof, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. Lyon, France.

Road trips.
It was this pretty the entire time.What driving in Vermont looks like

What driving in Vermont feels like. Vermont, obviously.

Silliness with friends.
John and me, wearing our matching dragon hats, all those years later.John and Amy, all those years later

John and Amy, all those years later. Minnesota.

McNulty's is an old-style tea shop in Greenwich Village on Christopher Street.  Shot from the hip without looking through the viewfinder.  AKA total blind luck shot.Tea jars, McNulty's

Tea jars, McNulty's. New York City.

Live music.
One of my favorite shots of Matt Costa's performance at Workplay on June 6, 2008.Guitar and harmonica

Guitar and harmonica. Birmingham, Alabama.

Nature photography.
Shot at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon.A red rose, without red.

A red rose, without red. (Portland)

Live theatre.
Frank-N-Furter's arrival during the Hilo Community Players' performance of Rocky Horror.Frank-N-Furter arrives

Frank-N-Furter arrives. Hilo, Hawaii.

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Bletchley Park. No title.

Basking in a beautiful day.
She seemed awfully comfortable listening to the band, and there was something about being barefoot that just made it perfect.Listening to the show

Listening to the show. Bellingham, Washington.

Cities at night.
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Amsterdam. No title.

I can't decide whether this photo should be color or grayscale. It was drastically underexposed, since the camera metered off of the house behind her, so it took a lot of photoshop fun to get it to a usable state.Evelyn, black-and-white


Seeking quilting inspiration.
Not my quilt. Seen on display at My Blue Bamboo in Plymouth, Minnesota (metro Minneapolis / St. Paul). Tagline says 'Colourful' by Jacqueline de Jonge of the Netherlands.Lots of themes

Lots of themes. Minnesota.

Gizmo decides I need help photographing objects inside Katie's light box.Gizmo storms the light box

Gizmo storms the light box. Washington, DC.

This was my favorite shot of the day, and one of the hardest to get right. There were visual distractions all around her, and she could only be shot from one angle. Took me a few tries to get it right.Praying angel

Praying angel, London

Churches, cathedrals, religious symbolism.
Ceiling, lower chapel, Sainte-ChapelleCeiling, lower chapel, Sainte-Chapelle

Ceiling, lower chapel, Sainte-Chapelle. Paris, France.

Stalking delicious things, and then eating them.
pâté en croûte and fresh tomatoes from the marketLunch after the market

Lunch after market. Lyon, France

The sign that greets you on arrival at Alcatraz.Alcatraz Island. Indians Welcome.

Alcatraz Island.

Amusing signage.
But the rocks were big, and right there, and all but screamed out for climbing!

Alas.please no climbing

please no climbing. Vermont.

A single tree overlooks the ocean through a trick of perspective near the entrance to ‘Akaka Falls.Over the ocean

Over the ocean. Hawaii.

Finding crazy awesome fabric and taking it all home with me.
Waiting on my huge fabric pile to be cut in Dragon Mama. This will
take a while. :)Fabric purchase of doom!

Fabric purchase of doom! Hilo, Hawaii