Good night, kitty-kid.

In the end, it was indeed Tenzing's heart. It was likely quietly giving out for some time, just as we'd been told two years ago it would, and what ended up starting it all was a thrown blood clot somewhere around his right shoulder. 

As the day went on, fluid started building up in his lungs. He struggled to breathe, even with sedation.

I brought him home this morning hoping we'd get lucky; by early afternoon, I'd called for a final confirmation with the vet tech, and about an hour later, I gave them my answer: this wasn't a salvageable situation. This cat had survived two heart scares and a massive kidney infection. As his owner and guardian it was up to me to admit the obvious: this was a 13.5-year-old cat with a history of health problems, and who was clearly in irrevocable distress.

So I gave him the one gift I had left to give: peace.

He came to me in 1999 as the runt of the litter, a scratchy-meowed thing who his littermate brother would try to overrun, with mixed results:

Tenzing was smaller, more shy, and more prone to catching minor illnesses.Shy Tenzing.

He always helped me make beds.

So many shelves hung ... no energy left ... eyelids ... closing ...Exhaustion, thy name is Tenzing.

I always got help when I tried to use my laptop on a bed.

Stinker-cat is stinkery. Tenzing will headbutt to get attention.Headbutt to the face

No ice cream was safe.

Tenzing has designs on my ice cream, the little twerp.WANT.

He hated when I traveled, and always sniffed my shoes when I got home.

Tenzing's opinion about packing seems rather clear.Oh no you don't.

He always let me know when it was time to go to bed.

That word is 'Pet.' The 'me' is understood.

Tenzing declares a work stoppage.And now a word from the management

His love for being a complete nuisance while I sewed was legendary among my friends and my quilt recipients.

John Wilson got this photo that pretty much sums up my life. That's me, in my usual spot on the couch, working on binding a quilt. Nearby are my laptop, phone, thread, remote control, and empty ice cream container.

Tenzing is claiming the quilt as his. After all, ALL quilts are his.Tenzing, Amy, and a quilt

I still have Edmund.

Taking a break from attempting to beat each other up, they collapsed in a heap in the blue rocker and, eventually, purred each other to sleep.

(For those of you not well-versed in recognizing our cats, Edmund is on your left, and Tenzing is on your right.)We prefer 'chaotic neutral,' thanks

I don't have to ask if they knew they were loved. They knew. They always knew.

The cats, hogging fully half the bed while I read Watchmen. Today's
reading is punctuated by soft kitty snoring.How we read (2)

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So sorry to hear about your loss.  :-(

Rest in Peace, Tenzing.

Oh Amy, my heart is with you right now, so very much, in your loss of such a beloved friend. And with Edmund, and with Jeff. You're in my thoughts and I'm sending love your way.

Amy, I'm so sorry to hear this. They occupy such a huge place in our hearts, don't they?