Tenzing and the make-out square...

This is why I love the little catnip squares Heather showed me how to make. Tenzing adores his almost beyond reason or comprehension:

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Calling all catnip-heads

As part of setting up my sewing room, I've discovered that I have a ton of goofy silly fun cat fabric:

My life in a single photo

John Wilson's photo pretty much sums me up right now:

We're professionals. Don't try this at home.

A short, sweet note: I owe both Brian and Crystal massive hugs of thanks. Both of them came to stay with me this weekend, and they asked what I needed. I hated admitting it, but what I needed was help housecleaning. Not just superficial tidying, but a really deep and thorough cleaning -- the kind of cleaning that helps set your house to rights.

Spring cleaning. Well, winter cleaning. I couldn't hold until spring, not with the house in the state it was and Jeff still hospitalized.

blogiversary ten

An odd realization: this blog, as of today, is ten years old. I'm not sure I ever expected it to hit this mark, given that I've been pretty quiet the past couple of years, but it seems to be finding its footing again as a place I can show photos of what quilts I've been working on.

Too sleepy to sew

Sunday afternoon. I've done almost no sewing this week; I've been mentally drained out of proportion to my actual physical tiredness. Jeff and I took our first stab at geocaching yesterday with mixed results, but we intend to try again; today we caught a morning matinee of 'Sherlock Holmes' and then made a quick grocery run before heading home.

Jeff sleeps right now, having stayed up a good chunk of the night while the storms were rolling through. The cats, fed, are hunting for warm places to nap. A good Sunday, overall.