Previews for 2010: the New Year's fabric

So, knowing about the box of summer 2009, here's the rest.  A little over a year ago, Jeff and I flew out to Hawaii to visit Brad and Alice, who were living outside of Hilo, Hawaii at the time.  While we were there, Alice took me to Dragon Mama, a futon shop in Hilo that also carried a gorgeous array of fabric for sewing and quilting.

Previews for 2010: the boxes of summer 2009

I've been good. Despite my friends handing me fabric, I'd managed to decimate my fabric stash this year.  Mind you, my stash wasn't that big, especially in comparison to what I've seen mentioned by a few quilt bloggers I read.  Me, I'm cranky; if my stash starts building up, it means I'm not using what I'm purchasing, and that doesn't seem like a good use of money.

However, i can give you a taste of what's to come in 2010.  You can blame Jacob and Alice.  Well, and me.

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