Seven Words: the game

I'm in the middle of working up words and photos from last week's vacation. In the meantime, I'm in the mood for a bit of a word game, if anyone's interested in tossing in a bit of help.

The game du jour: Seven Words. The original idea is to select seven words, though I don't guarantee I'll go to (or stop at) seven. Each individual word will be used as the basis for a piece of writing, with an explanation at the end of how the story was derived from the word.

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blogchalking the domesticat

Lest I forget once again. This is my new blogchalk:
United States, Alabama, Huntsville, Madison, English, Amy, Female, 26-30, knitting, graphic design, cats, movies, writing. :)

For those of you who feel the need to follow the herd, go to to put some nice chalky graffiti on your own site.

I have now officially jumped on my single allowed meme per month. Regularly scheduled ramblings will begin tomorrow.

You Know You're From Arkansas If:

Thanks to Andrew for passing this little gem on to me. I got quite a snicker out of these.

Yet another reason why Verisign sucks

I usually try to stay off of bandwagons. They always seem to have large amounts of scratchy, smelly hay, and you come away from the bandwagon trip just wishing that you could get a shower and not see any of your bandwagon mates for a while; a few hours with 'em and you realize that you really need something else to talk about.

But I'm jumping on this one—Verisign sucks. Sure, there's the whole thing about and Verisign totally fubaring things and not being willing to undo their mistakes…but I've got my own gripe to add.There's a domain I've wanted to register for some time. (Some of you can probably guess what it is, but I'm not going to repeat it here so that I don't inspire others to go questing for it as well.) I got disappointed when I did a search—turns out that .com, .net, and .org for this particular word were all taken.

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Don't fear the weasel

Brian, Suzan, and Jeff are currently curled up in the living room, watching Cowboy Bebop. Me, I'm sitting back here in the back of the house, tapping quietly on an unfamiliar keyboard. It's such a shame, really; I've tried my hardest to like anime and I just can't, so I'm hiding and writing while they watch TV.