solecists of the world unites!

I'm trying out a new way to aggregate some things I'm doing in different places. End result: If I'm being honest, is for long-form writing, and always has been. is a tumblelog with more traditional bloggy things, like quotes, links, and flickr photos.

It's like, only short-form and with even less context. :)

(Oh, and if you're lazy like me: is what you're looking for.)


Forgot to add this -- but I'm using this to combine info from a few different places. So far it's pulling info from:

  • my facebook status updates
  • the links I post to, plus any commentary I make on them
  • the photos I post to flickr

In addition, any short-form stuff I post directly to solecist. I should be able to shorten some sidebars on when all of the aggregators are caught up.

(I'm in the middle of learning how to theme drupal, and I have this funny-to-me mental image of changing over to a theme of "the long and the short of it.")

[I know, I know, always with the HSVLocals.] You want that I should snarf that RSS there? List you as "Amy @"?

Go for it! Should be entertaining to say the least. Not to mention frequent updates, which you guys aren't used to getting from me.

Next update's in an hour or so, and we'll see if it screams at me or not. :)