We are the brothers Fang.

We are Tenzing and Edmund. We are thirteen-year-old littermates. We own Amy and Jeff.

Mom usually shows this photo of us first. This is us, next to a yardstick, on a full-sized bed.

They look like normal cats until you put a yardstick next to them, and then their catbeastness becomes clear. Had we not fed them, this never would have happened.  (Tenzing is on your left, Edmund on your right.)Our mistake was feeding them

['Our mistake was feeding them'] (Left: the belly of Tenzing; right: the enormity of Edmund)

Mom keeps separate photosets for each of us:

I'd cut several hundred squares and had maybe forty to go. But, it seems, it is time to stop. Tenzing, my benevolent master, decrees.I hereby declare WORK STOPPAGE
After unpicking two pieces of damaged fabric, all 17 pounds of Edmund decided it was time for me to stop paying attention to the ratty old quilt top and pay attention to HIM, dammit. See those unpetted ears? Dire, I tell you, dire!

Blog entry: domesticat.net/2011/02/penny-poundEdmund declares a work stoppage

Tenzing (photoset)

Loves: quilts, fabric, quilt batting, frequent small feedings, sunny spots, drinking extremely noisily, and smarting off on Twitter.

Inquisitive. Scratchy meow, wheezy purr. Weighs less, has a blunt-tipped tail and irregular markings.

Has slept on every quilt Amy has ever made. (Generally not with her permission.)

Edmund (photoset)

Loves: Mom, Mom, Mom, and no one else. Eating his brother's kibble. Eating floor lint. Eating anything that won't eat him first, and occasionally venturing past that point. (Ask him about the wasp sometime.)

A bit dim. Possessive of Amy. Loves the kittymom, likes Jeff, will bite anyone else. Itty-bitty pansy-ass meow, deeply rumbly purr. Pointy-tipped tail, very regular spots/stripes.

Also, the size of a small planet.


Mom is not known for her hesitance with a camera.