Pneumonia scorecard #2

Better. Much better.

My white cell count has dropped to 8,000, which is back down to within normal ranges. My chest x-rays are much clearer than they were last week, and my sounds & volume are much better than they were before. We did one last breathing treatment with albuterol, and he instructed me to go home and rest.

The strength of the antibiotic I'm on right now is causing … uh … issues, but this was anticipated. I don't have to return for another follow-up treatment unless I am still wheezing by Thursday.

Total weight lost on the Pneumonia Weight Loss Plan: five pounds.

Now, for your amusement, I present a demonstration of the sheer size of the Edmund, and his true shamelessness when he wants his belly rubbed. Click on the photo to get the full goodness:

Acres of white fur.

I now return to the couch. There will be lots of knitting done this week. But first … a nap, I think.


See, this is why you do the second followup. ;) How do you like that nebulizer? Mom used to have to use one nightly; she got the point where she could sleep while taking a treatment. Talk about your white noise generators!

It wouldn't be that hard to sleep through it. You're right about the white noise being incredibly soothing. I realized that during my first followup, when they had me do two treatments in a row. I'm just glad to be returning to the land of the living.

Congrats on slowly recovering - just in time for Star Wars III! Man, Edmund is a sucker for those belly scritches!

I'm all set up to see EpIII on Thursday afternoon - friends who are going were kind enough to pick me up a ticket. I'll be part of a big group, and I probably won't even have to drive. Yay for returning to the world in a slow and sane manner. :D