Tales from the Furlough #1: not dead, no video

Furlough, night one. A lazy night drive, a stop off at Sonic for tots and limeade, leads us to north Georgia.

Most of the wedding party is out making a late-night run to Waffle House. I need sleep more than I need caffeine, so I'm staying here at the house instead, winding down slowly and typing myself to sleep. Jeff has the video camera and I trust he'll capture anything that's awesome.

Red Shift, the red-and-black quilt, has been given away. Jeff has video of the giving. There is hilarity and much profanity. I will post it as soon as I can get my hands on it. I survived the giving, and Jim and Tracey did indeed keep the secret from each other, and oh, I will not live this stunt down any time soon.

It was absolutely, emphatically, utterly worth it.

Tomorrow we set up the wedding site, doing lots of prepping at a state park campsite for what is likely to be quite a party. I'm coordinating. Jeff's running sound. I will either be helping decorate, or helping prep food for two hundred people. Either way, if I manage to get photos, I expect them to be hilarious.

So it begins.


I can't wait to see Red Shift. Their expressions as they were telling about it was great! And Jeff with that damned video camera. I was running around like an idiot showing off my new phone and new friends. I thought he was taking a pic of me on his phone, not videoing me being an idiot! Sleep dep is NOT my friend.