Tales of the Furlough #2: temporal displacement

Tickets are booked to Paris; tickets are booked to San Francisco.

We will be six in San Francisco, with tagalong extras depending on the day and the inclination of our local friends.  We have nebulous plans:  look for us in the cheap seats at the Giants-Astros game on July 4.  I'll be the one in the bleachers with the beer; that's all you need to find me in the crowd, right?  We'll do a night tour of Alcatraz and I'll relearn the San Francisco bus system and pictures, pictures, pictures!

Tales from the Furlough #1: crashy

Today's been a dramatic day. Wedding things are happening, and I did not participate as much as I would have liked thanks to an icky blood-sugar crash that knocked me out of commission for a while. I don't know why, but even after things level out, I'm always incredibly tired. I just didn't bounce back afterwards. Lots of sleep tonight for me; there are dragons to slay tomorrow.

Tales from the Furlough #1: not dead, no video

Furlough, night one. A lazy night drive, a stop off at Sonic for tots and limeade, leads us to north Georgia.

Most of the wedding party is out making a late-night run to Waffle House. I need sleep more than I need caffeine, so I'm staying here at the house instead, winding down slowly and typing myself to sleep. Jeff has the video camera and I trust he'll capture anything that's awesome.

Tales from the Furlough #1: sniffy sniffy

For those of you who haven't talked to me this week, which to be honest is just about everyone: the kickoff for Tales From The Furlough is coming up very, very soon. Furlough #1 will take me to:

Coming soon: Tales From the Furlough

I'll spare you all the gory details and give you the roundup; after round one of layoffs at the library, all full-time employees will be taking two one-week furloughs, one in second quarter 2009 and the other in Q3 2009. I'm looking at using my Q2 furlough to head west to do some Drupal work with some friends. My Q3 furlough is likely to take me to Seattle. Plans are still nebulous on the latter one, though.

Nebulous yet nefarious, I might add.