More spearmint, less peppermint

Two quickie changes: now that it's late April, I think we can declare the holiday season officially over with, and move 'mint' back as the default skin for this site. Sleigh bells is still around, and you're welcome to stick with it if it's what you like, but the distinct lack of snow in north Alabama suggests that I move on to something that's a little less...snowy.

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That Was The Year That Was

In the interest of absolutely no one but myself, let's scan backwards through 2002, The Year That Was, and see what's not worth commenting on but, due to lack of actual comment-worthy content, we'll comment on anyway.

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The return of the site search function

At last…after far too many months without one, I've finally written and made available a search function for the entries on

True, anyone can have a search function, and normally it wouldn't be that big of a deal now to announce one (especially since there are plenty of places like Atomz and whatnot that provide this service for free), but it means a little more when you sat down and wrote it yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

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New feature: user-customizable time zones

Sorry to bust in yet again on the gleeful fun that is Ask Domesticat, but I have a small little feature change to Quarto (and, therefore, the entire site) that I think some of you might want to take a look at.

Yep, registered users can now set all posts and comments on ' to the timezone of their choice. Just because I'm in Central time (GMT-6) doesn't mean you have to be. However, you won't see any changes if you don't set up a time zone; Central time will be the default choice for the lazy amongst you. In other words, status quo.

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Site updates: navigation, skin changes

Some major changes to today - I've completely changed the navigation. I've had the same three-section navigation (words/pictures/etc.) for about a year now. In that time, has become even more focused on words instead of photos, so I've changed the navigation to reflect that.

New setup should hopefully be a bit more intuitive to new folks:

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New skin: trompe l'œil

In yet another maddening case of my finally making a skin available after having the design completed for half a year, I've finally gotten around to posting the latest (if you can call it that!) skin, trompe l'œil.

Long ago, when I got started on this bizarre skinning odyssey, I'd had the idea of creating not just skins, but groups of skins. With not much thought, you'll figure out that pazdziernika (fall) and glacial (winter) are intended to be part of a series.

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