Site updates, changes, errata

Edmund sleeps on my desk; therefore, all must be well.

I do have a couple of skins-related site updates to pass along. For now, I've given up the ghost, and decided to make the 'nautical' skin available, despite the fact that it only fully works in IE 5.5.Don't get me wrong—it's readable in Mozilla as well, and if you never plan to go past the front page, you'll never feel like you've missed a thing. But the blasted dropdown menus don't work properly, and until I find some code that makes it work in both IE and Mozilla, I'm a bit stuck. Blerg.

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It is a happy little computer now, yes!

She's been needing a bit of an upgrade for quite some time, my computer has, and tonight she got the first part of it. My computer previously only had 128M of RAM. Not bad, for most people. However, when the person in question is notorious for running mail programs, winamp, multiple web browsers, photoshop, and homesite—all at once, mind you—the code for these programs starts to act like recalcitrant three-year-olds.

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At last.

Guys, it's been six months of work. It's over. is finally skinnable.

First off, I owe two people massive hugs, thanks, appreciation, and probably a dinner and a few drinks apiece:

Gareth.They each know why, but I feel like telling the world anyway.

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Gods, monsters, quills, web design, and etc.

Doesn't seem like I've been paying much attention to my site lately, has it? There is—fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint—much more going on behind the scenes than just a post here or there.

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Is it time to get ugly?

If you haven't read it yet, you should wander over to a list apart and read their article on the current state of the web.