Pattern be damned

Stage one: amputating Aggressive Floral Wallpaper™ from the wall. (For complete understanding of my hatred and loathing, see the entry from two days ago.)

Now, granted, my vantage point is not the greatest. On a good day and with a straight spine, I'm somewhere around 5'1", but I can't actually tell you my exact height because I don't know it. All family jokes about large spitfires in short packages aside, I'm apparently not the person you want critiquing your wallpapering job.

Despite the fact that I don't actually feel short, my friends take pleasure in frequently reassuring me that, despite my aspirations to standard height, I am still definitely a round, pint-sized niblet. The fact that my shoes provide me an additional 1" of height probably shouldn't be…oops.

So much for that 'secret.'

Anyway, tales of height-challenges aside, I got up on the ladder this morning to start ripping that wallpaper down and, not only was it uglier when I got up close and personal with it, it was the worst application of wallpaper I've ever seen. There's something really pathetic about being too cheap to buy a third roll of wallpaper (maybe another $7 at most) and instead of pattern-matching, just splicing on whatever's left on the roll.

Stage two: abject, blatant, and pathetic bribery of taller/stronger friends to move the 6.8-ton couch approximately two feet away from the wall, so that I can move a ladder behind it. I'm not above standing on the back of a couch to strip border / repaint the offending blue stripe, but I'm definitely above falling off on it and breaking my neck.

It may be ugly border, but last time I checked, it wasn't worth dying for.

(oh, and something special for you that read the small print: Edmund the pup seal, snuggling up in the clean laundry for once. Also, definitive proof that while the boys are similar, they are not identical.)



But the boys are both gorgeous (and they know it)! Good luck - many wallpaper designs I've seen are truly hideous and deserve to be ripped down/apart.

They look like Siamese twins!