Rupert Giles, bring me my tea

This New York Times article has been making the rounds at work: 'A Hipper Crowd of Shushers'

"How did such a nerdy profession become cool — aside from the fact that a certain amount of nerdiness is now cool? Many young librarians and library professors said that the work is no longer just about books but also about organizing and connecting people with information, including music and movies."

Aside from my sudden inclination to whistle "White and Nerdy" while sipping on my tea, I must admit I am amused. (Not that I've described my job here as being about community before, or anything like that...)

Though I love the idea of a drink contest based off of Dewey Decimal -- drinks numbered with Dewey Decimal that require you to guess the book they're referencing. Says she whose next cup of tea comes from a mug that's labeled 641.337.

You know who I blame for this? Rupert Giles. Seriously. Librarians weren't nearly so cool (nor so toe-curlingly hot) before he started polishing his little round glasses between bouts of saving the world. I work in a building full of people whom I think all want to be Rupert Giles when they grow up.


I'm quoting Willow here, but, "Now I remember why I had such a crush on him..." :)