Coders a-musing

Ever wonder what people talk about while they're working on code? We're not nearly as mysterious as you might think. Generally we're bored, want lunch, wish our cats would stop pestering us, or really wish we could get something else done instead of what we're doing right now.

Every now and then, though, a conversation goes just a little off the deep end. Just keep in mind that Gareth owns, the machine that (among many others) lives on.

Amy: Hmm. I need to think through a bit of logic here.
Amy: I originally intended to have, among others, two separate permissions: $can_create_new_sites and $can_configure_sites. But, logically, the first thing that has to happen after a new site is created is that it has to be configured. I like tightening down permissions as much as possible, but I think perhaps it's best that these are combined.
Gareth: Yeah. Sometimes less is more.
Amy: At some point you do have to extend a bit of trust. ;)
Gareth: Well, I wouldn't go that far. ;-)
Amy: Let me quantify that: if you're going to trust someone to configure (i.e. screw up) sites that already exist…then maybe they're ok to trust on new sites too. ;)
Gareth: I dunno, if "Trust no one" is good enough for the Bible, it's good enough for me.
Gareth: and if it's not in the Bible, it's about time they revised it
Amy: Heh. I might have to turn that into today's entry.
Gareth: heheh
Amy: A note: I decided to check on the privs for geek-chick. Sure enough, I've got it set up so that all of us can edit each other's posts, but the only people who can actually configure actual site options are me, Brad, Heather, and Geof.
Amy: You'd be on the list, but when the hell do you meddle in the matters of mortals anyhow?
Gareth: and besides, I'm omnipotent
Amy: that's your shirt and your logo right there: "why, yes, i AM omnipotent." Then, underneath it: ""

Note to self: Christmas present for Gareth. This shouldn't be difficult.

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-laugh- Yes, that shirt should be made for Gareth. I dunno whether that's in the Bible, but I'll look it up ... well, it says "Trust in the LORD your God" several times, but I guess that can be construed into trusting no one else ... :p

Don't listen to her, folks! We ARE mysterious - we $speak in @tongues and hold the %keys to all sorts of &arcane_mysteries. Really, we do. Really. Dammit, I wanna be mysterious!

Haven't you achieved the height of mystery by having your many reader-fans wonder just when you'll start writing on ng.c again? :p Yes, we've talked about this. But if you want to talk mystery ... :D

Dammit, Ames! That was a programmer secret that you just revealed. Why do you think we can command so much money? It's because we make things out to be all mysterious and scary and hard. Geez, now you're blown all of our covers. If the economy crashes, we'll just blame it on you. ;)

You mean we can't blame it on Daschle or Bush? We're going to blame a 20-something from Alabama? Okay by me.

Well, good ole' Dubya is my favorite to blame, but if the computer industry goes bust and that causes the crash of the economy, then it's gonna have to be her fault. She gave away a secret of the programmers.

I prefer to blame Daschle, but let's compromise and just blame Amy. Somehow, I can see the GOP latch onto this ... kittymommies can't be a huge voting bloc, can they? :p

No, but Edmund can still come over and suck the breath out of your body while you sleep. I look at it this way. We're kinda like the Mafia. Our influence is much, much more than the sum total of our votes.

Neh. Kudzu will wap the hell out of Edmund. I am safe and protected.

And I am safe because Edmund walking into my room will make me sneeze.

hmm, I agree with Kat here... it looks like nobody told Amy that we have a secret society, based in the high reaches of the Himalayas (with outstations at most local Fry's outlets) that controls all things code-ish. And Charles Babbage and Alan Turing are alive and well as charter members on the board of directors... and we have a song. and a secret handshake... And Bill STILL isn't a member and it makes him mad. And those damn masons put the wrong guy in power in BC AND USA... methinks its time for a little inter-secret society ass-kicking... or a carefully scripted merger and acquisition...

I want my damn membership card. I believe the correct double-entendre remark is, "Will (er, ok, 'roguegeer'), you can come over and teach me the secret handshake anytime."

Oh yeah. I can just see that happening. "Will... that's not my hand." "Oh... er... sorry..."

Neh, that would be true for the old secret handshake. The new one, though, is more politically correct since there is a growing number of females in the secret society. Ames, sorry, no membership cards. That would leave a paper trail that we don't want to have. Now, there is the optional chip plant in the neck, so that we can identify you, but very few members are going for that option. *needs to get more sleep if this is what she's typing before going into work in the mornings*

I just figured you guys sniffed each other's, well, kinda like dogs ...

No, you've got us confused with the CivE secret society that does that. We're a bit more sophisticated and actually shake hands. *waits for Todd to jump out of the dark to beat her up*

Bwahahahahahahah! My, how odd this comment thread has become ... aren't you glad you added comments, Amy? :)

JESSICA!!!! *pop* /head explodes =)