Yuck. That's all. Yuck.

Props to Gareth for giving me the five-second explanation on how to fix the annoying problem I was having with my javascript pop-up windows.

Here's how to do the pop-up window (of any size you want) without having the base page jump around after you click on the link:

link textYou can't use spaces in the name of the window or in the width/height tags for the new window.

Glad to finally get that fixed. I've been too tired to do the research myself.

It's official. I've had enough. No more mothering this week, dammit. Jess confirms that she's a bit better, Kat's doing better, Heather hasn't had any more scary medical treatments, and Brad's feeling human again.

Tonight I want to do NOTHING. I want to go home a few minutes early. Pet my cats. Hope that my spouse cooks dinner. Curl up on the couch with a book and the catz. Rest. Relax. And not mother a single friend!

I will be sociable tomorrow.

The next person who emails me and tells me, "Hey, I checked your webcam and you look like hell today" gets their brain turned into a luscious paté. Thanks. :þ


Wouldn't you know it. I'm halfway through a ranting post and Kat comes by to give me a hug and tell me thanks. So much for a hardened and cranky heart. Grr!