Today's Drupal story: Do as we say, not as we do

I think every Drupal admin's had this day at least once ... okay, twice ... fine!  Five or six times.  Name changed to protect today's lucky survivor:

zeroed down

Today was the rarest of programming days. My headphones were on by eight a.m., and while the code didn't flow, the ideas did; when I next looked up, it was after one p.m. I zeroed down on the section of code I had my suspicions about, and started testing, line by line. The book clubs problem eventually presented itself as a three-headed beast.

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proving ground

The tally is now at fourteen months, and verging on fifteen.

I'm amazed anyone still reads this site; it has to be obvious that my design time and energy has been diverted elsewhere for that period of time. It used to bother me. I still apologize for it, but I've stopped giving estimates on when I might finally reach the finish line and be 'back.' I don't know. I stopped knowing about six months ago.

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Creativity in times of crisis

I've been watching this on a personal level as well as a professional level, and it's amazing and spiffy and reminds me that tech geeks like myself can use our skills for more than just everyday fluffy stuff.

Take a look at this google map of the San Diego fires. Zoom in and you'll see where the fires are, where the evacuation areas are, locations of human and animal shelters (both open and at capacity) and what areas are being evacuated.

Testing twitterlog repost script

[defiant chuckling] All I have to do now is move this script to a server that likes curl_setopt(), set up cron a day or two before we leave, and cackle at the results. It worked! There shall be once-daily reposts of tweets while we're gone -- and I actually learned some nifty stuff, too...

object-oriented feline

Some days you know early on that you've lost your mind and it just isn't coming back. Some days you also know early on that you have beaten on too much code that week, and that it's time to walk away, unplug for a weekend, and not look back until Monday.Today is that day.

How do I know?