Someone else's code-fu

Good things: calls to Andrew and Joy, watching movies with Jeff, cuddle time with the cats, and oh yeah, code-fu.

Notice I didn't say that it was my code-fu. In today's case, it isn't. More correctly, it would be a large bit of whimpering on my part and twenty minutes' worth of code-fu on Gareth's part. Never mind thef act that I spent multiple hours tracking down a code problem that turned out to be a correctly named variable in the wrong scope.

It's the kind of thing that'll drive you to drink. Questing for missing parentheses I can deal with, but this was sheer and utter madness—and all this for multiple log files! Oi, the things I do…

So what got accomplished today? Not much, in truth. The big part was getting the pesky variable problem solved (and, as I check the scoreboard, I see that the current score is Gareth 347, domesticats zero). I did, however, finish up my first full page of the admin section today.

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Truncation is for the weak

Righto.  So let's take a moment out from the coding and talk Quarto for a minute or two.

wanna-be-coder's blues

Gareth and I spent a bit of time talking this morning about more Quarto-related bits today.  He was ready to start work on my conversion script for my entries, and me…I was just ready to start.  In other words, no more pseudocode, no more planning, just dig in somewhere and start coding.

actual visual acuity

Yearly appointment for feline rabies shots? Check.
Appointment for eye exam? Check.

Blatant avoidance of things that need doing? Check.So, for those of you playing the home game, here's an update…Quarto now stands at eighteen separate files. Well, twenty if you add in the one that I've got partially done and the one that I've not even touched yet. Let's call it 18.5/20…I think I've earned a little bit of generosity, no?

Okay. Maybe I haven't. But throw the myopic a bone, eh?

The other bits are starting to fall into place. Gareth (may his l33t coding skillz be praised) is working on a conversion script for my files. Brad has indicated willingness to contribute a second script assuming his (very reasonable) bribe price is met.

The rest is up to me.

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spaghetti (western) code

In my next life, I'm going to be like Brad, who says, "I usually don't bother [doing pseudocode], or else I do extremely general pseudocode. I usually find it's not worth my effort." But, unfortunately, I've proven time and time again that I'm just not capable of carrying large amounts of logic in my head all at once—and keeping it all straight—so I've been going through the plans for Quarto, a page at a time, and creating pseudocode for them.

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Coders a-musing

Ever wonder what people talk about while they're working on code? We're not nearly as mysterious as you might think. Generally we're bored, want lunch, wish our cats would stop pestering us, or really wish we could get something else done instead of what we're doing right now.

Every now and then, though, a conversation goes just a little off the deep end. Just keep in mind that Gareth owns, the machine that (among many others) lives on.

Amy: Hmm. I need to think through a bit of logic here.
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