Script: List-recent-comments (GM, PHP and perl)

At long last (read: I finally asked Gareth how to do this) I've finally managed to sit down and write a greymatter modification that generates an external file with data about recent comments. I've currently got it set up to generate five results, but it can be customized for as many or as few comments as your little journaling heart desires.

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It starts nibbling at you around track 5: he's building up to something here, but you can't figure out what it is. It doesn't focus until halfway through track 6 of CD 1; probably because you're busy and not really paying much attention to the sonic hints he's giving.

Script: 'On this day' entries (PHP)

The phrase "Wouldn't it be nice if…" gets me in a lot of trouble.

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Movies: the Amy-list, part II

So it's a rainy, quiet Saturday afternoon (the kind that makes you want to spend your day indoors, reading or coding) and I've brought my latest little project (hello, boredelf!) up as far as I can without getting Gareth to change some file privs for me.

I eventually wandered out to the mailbox, to see if anything interesting had arrived with today's fresh infusion of junk mail. That's one thing that can be said about Netflix: I check the mail more regularly now than I did a month or so ago. Sure enough, there was a DVD from them, waiting patiently for me to claim it.It was Insomnia, a movie that's been on my 'see-it' list for quite some time now.

To those about to code, we salute you

The past two days have been an interesting experience for me. Normally, I am very much a loner when it comes to the creation of websites; my modus operandi is to hole up in on overly-warm computer room with part of a bottle of wine, some music to yowl with, photoshop, and a text editor. Many hours later, either plunging blood sugar or an overwhelming need for sleep will drive me from my computer chair for sleep or sustenance.Once succor is obtained, I take a short brain break, then return for more.

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Tuesday night coding club

I will not make a declarative post.
I will not make a declarative post.
I will not….

….well, there went my resolve…I generally try to steer myself away from telling straightforward tales of the everyday on domesticat. I'm not certain why, exactly, I have such a desire to avoid a simple retelling, but I think it's because I like to think that I'm able to take a few minutes out of each and every day to lift myself out of the immediacy of the moment.

To see the bigger picture.

Tonight, I haven't managed it. It was one of those nights that I tried to help a friend resurrect a site with problems, but didn't manage my usual magic. For the second night in a row, my attempt to make a tasty dinner fell flat. I didn't get as much coding done as I wanted, nor as much housework.

Just…flat. I think maybe I've exceeded my code-and-domesticat-fu for the day.