A graphic designer's honey-do list

Next up on the list: fulfill a few design promises I've made over the past few weeks/months/years. I spent today taking care of one, and I'll move on to a couple more tomorrow.

John Wilson has been wanting me to put together a site design for him for some time. He wanted something clean, simple, and easy to maintain for his site, Jot & Tittle. (site is down as of late June 2001; link will return when the site does)

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Back from the movies.

Well…looks like everything's mostly back up to speed. For this I"m pleased; the implementation was pretty smooth.

I'm still going to try to hack together a page that looks something like this page for the users whose browsers hork on valid 4.0 code. I'm not going to spend a ton of time on it, though. But surely there's some sort of way.Saw Traffic tonight. That completes the list of all five Best Picture nominees. My picks, in order of preference:

  1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  2. Traffic
  3. Gladiator [tie]
  4. Chocolat [tie]
  5. Erin Brockovich

Yuck. That's all. Yuck.

Props to Gareth for giving me the five-second explanation on how to fix the annoying problem I was having with my javascript pop-up windows.

Here's how to do the pop-up window (of any size you want) without having the base page jump around after you click on the link:

link textYou can't use spaces in the name of the window or in the width/height tags for the new window.

Glad to finally get that fixed. I've been too tired to do the research myself.

self pitying whining crap. beware.

Here's my question for the evening: what makes a geek, a geek? What is it, exactly, that gets you entrance into this peculiar little world?

And, I suppose my true question is…why am I in it?

I ask myself this sometimes, and tonight after Heather and Jess visited, I've really been asking myself those questions. It's sometimes difficult for me to listen to the wondergeeks talk about what they're doing with their lives, because I always feel that in comparison, my life comes up lacking.

This, I think, is because I'm torn between what I'm good at doing, and what I feel that I should be doing. The two aren't the same, and I know it.

A shocking lack of depth today...

I think perhaps yesterday just wasn't a day to write. Then again, yesterday was just an odd day in general—eight hours' worth of busywork at my company with no real pressing things to get done. I've been trying to work on a logging script so that I can better analyze the hits I'm getting on domesticat, but the script kept bombing out on me. By the time I fled my cube and drove home, I was annoyed, aggravated, and had a pounding headache.Luckily, the spousal unit was preparing dinner. That gave me a chance to take an aspirin, grab the nearest willing cat (last night's volunteer for Onerous Petting Duty was Tenzing—brutal life, isn't it?) and flop on the couch for a while until I was back to my normal goofy, chipper self. The cat was gratified by the petting (there was much shameless purring and tail-thumping), I was gratified by the dinner and the release from my headache, and thus I got a load of laundry done instead of just sitting on my ass all evening.