A graphic designer's honey-do list

Next up on the list: fulfill a few design promises I've made over the past few weeks/months/years. I spent today taking care of one, and I'll move on to a couple more tomorrow.

John Wilson has been wanting me to put together a site design for him for some time. He wanted something clean, simple, and easy to maintain for his site, Jot & Tittle. (site is down as of late June 2001; link will return when the site does)

I finished the graphic design work last night, and got the site up and running today. It's a small site, so it didn't take long, and it made a friend happy, I think. I'm hoping that between the site redesign and the implementation of Greymatter that he'll find the site easier to use, and thus he'll post more often.As a couple of people noticed, I switched back into English lit a couple of days ago. Currently, I'm tackling D.H. Lawrence's Women In Love. Strangely enough, despite the rumors of obscenity that swirl around Lawrence, I've never actually read any of his work before.

I've been bending down the corners of a few pages to help make note of some passages that I'd like to remember, revisit—or quote here, if the mood strikes. This book is one of the cheap used books I picked up during my last shopping spree at Wonder Book and Video.

WB&V is, simply, mind-boggling. According to their site, they have approximately a million used books in their store, and I don't doubt it. Plentiful, cheap books—a bookworm's dream. The last time I visited Andy, I took an extra suitcase specifically for bringing home a cache of new books. I tried to purchase a year's worth of books while I was there, and I think I may have succeeded; six months after my purchase I've still got quite a few books left to read.

As for Lawrence—what to say, exactly? Fifty pages into the narrative, it's difficult to tell where things are going; perhaps it would be easier if I knew more about the plot. But I don't. Ask me again in a few days.

Tomorrow will probably focus on logo design. I also need to make a run out to town to put together a packet for a friend that could use some cheering up. Hopefully I can get that in the mail tomorrow.

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