Smile, and feed the soul

I survived the second go-live of the week today, and my brain is sloshy and very liquid. I've been sifting through the piles of fabric I cut during the week-long power outage after the April 27th tornadoes...

Name: devil. Location: details.

I lay on the bed this afternoon, drowsy with sunshine and tea and salacious novel, and trawled fingers through Edmund's orange fur. As my hand crept over and around, to reach the white fur on his belly, the purring changed from lazy to nearly explosive, as if to say, oh yes, pet me right there...

Creativity in times of crisis

I've been watching this on a personal level as well as a professional level, and it's amazing and spiffy and reminds me that tech geeks like myself can use our skills for more than just everyday fluffy stuff.

Take a look at this google map of the San Diego fires. Zoom in and you'll see where the fires are, where the evacuation areas are, locations of human and animal shelters (both open and at capacity) and what areas are being evacuated.