The dragons of web design

After working outside, the dragons of web design have reared their head again. The dilemma: what to do about standards?

I've gone back and forth about the dichotomy between web standards and aesthetic design so many times that I'm loath to write of it all again. Yet I find myself coming back to it, because there are some aesthetic problems with this site due to my determination to stay standards-compliant.

It's the fonts, the damn fonts, I tell you. The code is standards-compliant, which is what I wanted most. But, at the same time, the style sheets seem to be ignored by Netscape 4.7x, and I've beaten my head against this problem so many times that I don't want to revisit it again. I tried to pick something that would reasonably standardize how the pages looked across multiple browsers, and because of that, people with large monitors and extremely high screen resolutions howl.

My predilection is to attempt to win even the no-win situations. This is, I know, a no-winner. But I keep coming back to it, worrying at it, but I never seem to find a solution.